Kirkbymoorside Town Brass Band

Northern Area

1st Section Champions 2022

 Report on 4BR on our win in Durham

 First Section:

'Spectrum' has been both a severe and accurate measure of the true First Section
credentials of bands around the country. It was no different here at Durham.
Alan Fernie may have used a touch of well observed dry wit in saying that perhaps the
Kapitol Promotions Music Panel could have been "a little kinder" with their choice after
almost two years away, but then, what piece can bands at this level hope to play to prepare
them for something like 'Contest Music' to follow'?

Felt tip pens
Covid-19 had made things harder. At least four of the six bands were reduced in
personnel -cornet, trombone and bass sections in particular. It was like trying to colour
in a picture with half a pack of felt tip pens.
No lack of fortitude, determination or sheer ballsyness then on show from six bands that were a
credit to themselves and the North East banding spirit.
After two near qualification misses in 2019 and 2020, Kirkbymoorside inspired by a super
reading of nuance and textured colouring (aided by their prize winning bass team) by
Sarah Woodward produced a number 1 marker that couldn't and wouldn't be beaten, to
return to the National Finals for the first time since 2015.

Extra moments
It was the extra moments of control that caught the ear both in the box and the hall,
with Alan writing in
his remarks that it has been a performance, "...with excellent
moments and a lot of care in prep and execution", whilst Nicholas Garman added that it, "
...allowed the character of the music to come through."The announcement of the winners
was greeted by a huge outpouring of celebration, with Sarah herself in danger of being flown
into the air by her delighted band rep as he swung her round in joy like the opening
of the test-piece.