The Band Room and The James Holt Concert Hall    
Our band room was built in 1976 on land kindly donated by James Holt who lives in Kirby. It is a purpose built building and is used for all band activities including practice which is two or three times a week. The band room is situated in Manor vale at the top of the village.

By Oct 2018 the old scout hut had been demolished and the footings dug. The concrete was poured by the end of November. The steel work went up quickly and by the end of December some of the roof, cladding and most of the block work was finished. By mid January the floor had the hardcore levelled and three weeks later the reinforcing and ducting of the floor was completed. The concrete was laid and the entrance roof was started by the end of February. The start of March 2019 saw the band making a start with the internal fittings – ventilation, heating, plumbing, electrical and decorating. Now we are tidying up the internal furnishings in preparation for our opening ceremony on Sunday the 22nd September.

Band Concert Hall in Manor Vale Lane - John Barrett
In October 2018 the band was finally able to get started with its ambitious plan to build an extension to the existing band room. The extension will create a new 200 seat concert hall. This idea first emerged in 2015 and after a series of delays the band acquired all the land that it needed for the new hall early in 2018. With the help of a team of volunteers, including Mr Eric Clarke’s most generous support and endeavour with his digger, the site was cleared and construction work began.
The delay in starting had led to increased costs that caused the band to readjust its plans and to devise a three phased strategy.

Phase 1– completed April 2019 The band had a water sealed hall, but one that was devoid of any internal electrical and plumbing fittings or decoration and furnishing etc.

Phase 2 – completed June 2019 The band had secured all internal fittings and complete the decoration work.

Phase 3 – to finish the furnishing and fitting out (staging/lighting/seating etc) so that the project can be completed.

All three Phases have a projected total cost of around £370,000 (as at August 2019) but of course the band did not commit to this build without financial backing. Thankfully, due to the generosity of band supporters and the band’s Charitable grant applications it has generated sufficient promises of funds or grants and donations on hand to press on uninterrupted into Phase 3 without any funding hiatus.
However, project finances have always been a worry for me and so the band had kick started the fundraising that the completion of this project demanded at the start of 2019. To that end we are still appealing for community support and help. In the light of the planned changes to the Kirkbymoorside Memorial Hall, which will make the hall unsuitable for band concerts, this building will guarantee the band a long term concert venue and also give the 1st Kirkbymoorside Scout Group new facilities to boost their activities. This project will deliver a valuable community asset as well as security for the band and Scouts.In mid August 2019 the band was anticipating that with the generosity of its supporters the remaining Phase 3 costs had reduced the funding shortfall to around £11,000 and whilst that is still a lot of money, the band can now see the finishing line in sight. It has therefore announced an official opening date for the new hall on Sunday the 22nd September.
If you can help us to cover the remaining project costs, a personal donation, with hands on support, or with personal fundraising efforts, we would be very grateful of your assistance. We guarantee that any donations offered towards our project will be restricted solely to meeting our building costs. Any on line banking donations can be made using our sort code 40-26-15 and account number 71003607.
The band is also a Charity and Gift Aid offers a further 25% potential boost to our fundraising efforts. A standard Gift Aid form for cash donations can be found by Clicking this link but Gift Aid can also be applicable to some fundraising activities too e.g. sponsorship. If you have any fundraising ideas that we could assist you with please let us know.
John Barrett
Band Treasurer