Les Maw celebrated his 90th birthday at a special party at the British Legion Club at Kirkby on Sunday 20th Oct. Nearly one hundred friends & relations attended, most of which were indebted to Les in some way. Over the years the Band has been fortunate to have been served well by Les who was appointed Bandmaster on 30th January 1952 and served in that capacity for the next thirty six years, retiring in 1988. He not only prevented the band from folding up during the lean times in the 'fifties but also took the band to the upper echelons of the Championship Section in the 'eighties. It was a fitting tribute that on his retirement he was awarded the British Empire Medal in recognition of his services. Les was to be found at all practices on Thursday and Sunday nights and his opinion  was asked for at times by the then band master, John Woodward. 

Our Chairman, John Wright gave the following address at the party:  
    "I remember first meeting Les when I came to join Kirkby band, I was 14, to me he was old then!! but I suppose to kids of 14 today, Phil Woodward will seem an old git. In those day’s senior practice was on Sunday Morning and Wednesday night and junior practice on Sunday afternoon, no one dare be late or not turn up. The look you got when he saw you was frightening. I’ve been thinking of a few words to describe our birthday boy,
Firstly, Dedicated:- Les has been a member of our Band for around 80 years
Leader:- Les still leads from the front giving guidance and support to everyone young and old
Conductor:- Les was conductor of our band for 36 Years.
Musician:- Les is a great musician, his understanding of musical detail and interpretation is second to none.
Inspirational:- Les gives everyone the will and confidence to achieve
Teacher:- In the late Sixties and early seventies Les realised the only way our band would survive was through teaching young people, through his patience and commitment, he not only produced excellent musicians. But by nurturing the less talented, giving them confidence and developing their differing strengths he also created an
army of all-round “Bandsman”
Visionary:- He knew that Bands strength would come from having a broad mix of hardworking, dedicated and loyal people, his vision went on to create the solid foundation, which our band is built on today.
The Last word Friend:- I’m sure you all agree Les is a good and reliable friend to us all......
Please raise your glasses to Les Maw"

Thank's to all for the photos