Photo Gallery

If you can't find a glass, improvise.

Summer concert at Castle Howard.


Too hot, too near a pub
Durham Miners 2005

Dave Smith Eb

Practice at our purpose built
band room at Kirkbymoorside

Playing at the wonderful Band Stand at Filey

Waiting to move off at Durham 2003
We represent Blackhall Colliery

Jim and Malc on the ferry returning from Germany

Honest Toiling at The Whit Fridays
John Sails (Principal Cornet)

Whit Friday  2003

John Barrett   (Principal Trombone)

John Woodward (Band Master) heads the march.

Malcolm Dowson

Malc receiving a life membership
from James Holt

Alan Martin 
Malcolm Dowson
were awarded a Fifty Years of Service Certificate by the bands equally long  serving Les Maw at the Xmas concert at Kirkbymoorside, 2004

We visit the Whit Friday Marches every year, so click below for the latest photos

Whit Friday Marches