From the anti frackers to Kevin Hollinrake : WE REALLY HOPE YOU ARE RIGHT BUT, I BET YOU DONT HOPE WE ARE.


This should help you get were I am coming from. The CEO of EXXON says nearby fracking will impact on the value of his property. How much more proof do any of you tory MPs need.

David Wakeley - resident of Amotherby

Kevins Answer :

David, thank you for your email.

To address understandable concerns I have recently established a new All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Shale Gas Regulation and Planning, which will press for planning guidelines to be implemented in local plans. These should include minimum distances between well sites and from villages and towns, improved and transparent regulation and more money for those most directly affected. The role of the group will be to hold the industry to account and make sure that the local economy, tranquility and beauty of our countryside is protected. Given these protections, there should be no significant adverse impact on house prices.

Kind regards

Kevin Hollinrake MP
Member of Parliament, Thirsk & Malton Constituency
House of Commons

01347 666880   KEVIN, you have totally ignored my question, and gave an answer to to a question I did not ask. (Politician)


E-Mail from me to Kevin 19th Jan 2016

Sorry I am not convinced by your assurances simply because the oil companies are what they are. If it is necessary for them to cut corners and ignore regulations to satisfy their shareholders, they will, and the cost to Ryedale will be catastrophic. They will do what they want and you know it, as well as I do. We only need a small cock up to release a tiny bit of pollution into the ground water or topsoil and the supermarkets will dump Ryedale farmer before you or they could blink. This in it's self will not hamper the gas companies operations and they would not give a damn. If the worst does happen and our farmers can't sell their cereals, milk or cattle, I look forward to you and your government facing them. I have seen them angry, and it is not nice. All the polls up to now suggest around 85% of ryedale residents are against, so have the guts to represent the people who voted for you and stand up to the 'wip' and appose fracking.


20th Jan 2016

Dear David,

Thank you for your email.

I understand your concerns particularly as fracking is a new industry to the UK. However, I am working tirelessly to ensure that regulations and monitoring systems are in place so it is will not be possible for shale gas companies to cut corners or ignore regulations. These measures will be in place at every step of the process and will be closely monitored by the Environment Agency and the British Geological Survey.

I believe we need shale gas as part of our energy mix and for the good of the local and national economy. I also believe it can be delivered safely without a negative impact on the environment.

With regard to your point about my constituents views on this issue. It is true that there are many who are opposed to the issue but, in a recent poll of members and supporters across the whole constituency 74% of respondents believed that it should go ahead, if the proper controls are in place.

Kind regards,

Kevin Hollinrake MP
Member of Parliament, Thirsk & Malton Constituency
House of Commons
02072 194 746


We are not going to agree because we are in a completely different situation in the first place. Put your hand on your heart and ask your self, how many of your claimed 74% would be so keen on the idea if the fracking well head was going to be in the other side of field next to your house. Bet they would not be so keen then?.......

Please do not respond to this final e-mail, just keep it in mind and remember us in the Malton area when it all starts.

Yours respectfully David Wakeley.

First e-mail to Kevin Hollinrake on 16/01/2016 16:49,:>

> Kevin,
> I am 69 years old and have voted conservative all my life except for the first time. I and my wife have owned and run the camera shop in Malton for 50 years. We feel so protective towards Ryedale I will not vote for the blues again if fracking starts in Ryedale. I know your views and I think you are wrong. The risks are to high. Please change your mind and have the guts to go against any vote in the future.
> David & Audrey Wakeley (
> PS I also own the URL.

From Kevin Hollinrake

> Dear Mr Wakeley,
> A number of local residents have been in contact with me regarding the recent vote on the motion to approve shale gas exploration below protected areas. As you may be aware the House of Commons voted in favour of this motion 298 for and 261 against. The motion restricts the hydraulic fracturing of shale gas deposits to areas below 1,200m from the surface.
> This means that there will be no surface drilling within our National Parks and other protected areas but it will be permitted underneath them (below 1,200 m) with the well opening outside the borders.
> Ministers remain clear that they are committed to prohibiting fracking from wells that are drilled on the surface of protected areas such as National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs). This is why I was able to support the motion.
> I remain convinced that fracking, if properly monitored, could provide national solutions to meet national needs, particularly in the areas of the economy, our security and the environment. According to current predictions, if we were able to extract even 10% of our shale gas reserves it could meet UK gas requirements for forty years and in the process create up to 64,000 jobs. I also believe that global energy markets are too dependent on trouble spots around the world, particularly in the Middle East and Russia.
> Shale gas should not be considered to be an alternative to investment in renewable energy. If we were to re-invest revenue derived from successful exploration of shale gas in renewables it could lead us to the cleaner, greener, renewable future we would all like to see. I have written to the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer to tell them my views.

> You may have heard that on 17 December 2015, the Oil & Gas Authority (OGA) announced that licences for a total of 159 blocks were formally offered to successful applicants under the 14th Onshore Oil and Gas Licensing Round, some of which are within my constituency.
> I have written to Ineos, iGas, Cuadrilla and Third Energy to request a meeting early in the New Year to discuss all licences within Thirsk and Malton to ensure plans are compatible to the beauty of out landscape, the environment and ensure they do not impact on the lives and livelihoods of my constituents.
> Please be assured there will be a rigorous vetting process for each application before permission is given to drill. You can find more information about the licenses on the government website:

> The United Kingdom Onshore Oil and Gas (UKOOG) have put together a Q&A document which you can view here:
> Kind regards,
> Kevin Hollinrake MP
> Member of Parliament, Thirsk & Malton Constituency
> House of Commons
> London
> SW1A 0A


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