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Plans to develop The Wentworth Street Car Park 'SCRAPPED'

The council officially scrapped the contract with Holbeck Land to develop the Wentworth Street Car Park. Council Leader Linda Cowling said RDC would now review the options for maximizing the use of the 'underutilised strategic asset' taking into account changing development needs and opportunities in and around Malton and Norton'. It is not under used, it is just not full all the time. To expect it to be full all the time would mean there was no space for the peak times, that is the nature of that kind of facility. Just to be clear, most of the traders in Malton are not against competition, it was the loss of the car park that so annoyed them.
Linda Cowling said : "Any future plans will be subject to consultation, including working with other town centre landowners and seeking the views of local people". Well that will make a change and we look forward to this new tactic of 'seeking the views of local people', they have showed no signs of that up to now. Just in case you can't spot a local view, here is a clue ........


HOLBECK LAND.....They are at it again. Having being told in no uncertain terms that the residents of Malton, following several surveys, DO NOT want the Wentworth Street Car Park making into a superstore. Holbeck are amending their application for another attempt to get approval for the monster supermarket. We can only assume more of our hard earned cash will be squandered by RDC as acceptance will have to be granted again following the cock up with the first application. Come on RDC wake up. If you don't refuse the next application from Holbeck, the offending consenting councilors need not bother holding their breath at the next elections in 2015. The public feeling against them is very intense to say the least.

Does anyone think that threatening not to vote in 2015 would bring some sense to the guilty councilors. If you like this idea, EMAIL me with your support or other suggestions.

Shock resignation of Conservative and Council leader Keith Knaggs, December 2012
He stated that the decision had been made as he no longer had the full confidence of his colleagues. In May of 2011 he said “We will provide the services that people really value at the lowest possible cost to the tax-payer.well by resigning, he will at least have made good a start, we can only guess how much the Livestock Market and Wentworth Street planning cock up has cost us. He has also cost us £43,700.00(approx) in expenses in the last eight years.(www.ryedale.gov.uk). Lets hope the conservative group will now concentrate on serving the area as they were elected to do so, listening to the voters and not Mr Knaggs. The new conservative leader, Linda Cowling, of Pickering, said : “I am looking forward to working with my own group and the rest of the Ryedale District Councilors in order to maintain the best services we can for the people of Ryedale.....Some of the work I have enjoyed most in the past 22 years as a councilor has been working with the town and parish councils and again I would like to increase that level of involvement - they are our eyes and ears at a grass roots level.....”.               Sounds good to me.

Livestock Market planning refusal overturned by the Planning inspector. The inspector has taken the view that the refusal by RYEDALE COUNCIL to grant outline planning for the developement on the Livestock Market was incorrect and sense has prevailed. The decision has been published and whilst this is not directly connected to the Wentworth Street issue, the decision may impact on what happens to the Wentworth Street development. If you want to read all about it, you can click the links below. The documents are a bit heavy going, but they could have a profound effect on the future of our town, Malton, and the surrounding area. Only one Ryedale Planning decision has been challenged, and was found to be incorrect. The Wentworth Street decision has to be considered again, so lets hope the same sense prevails.
The Summary Page                The Main Decision           The Decision on the Cost

Planning Inspector. The appeal against the cattle market decision by Ryedale Council has come and gone. The decision will be issued by the inspector shortly. His decision will be final. The appeal by the Fitzwilliam Estate (Malton) was a very robust performance and the efforts of their legal team was very impressive to the onlookers. The summation at Ryedale House on the final day, was very worrying on one hand and enjoyable on the other. The three representatives of the councils sat glum faced as the Estates Council set about them in a very impressive way. The worry was, the council and their officials were taken to task about the Wentworth Street decision and it looks like the council will have to take another look at their ridiculous decision to sell our main car park. Why did it take the inspector and the Estates council only days to spot the mistakes that the coucil missed for three years ? I supose it all depends on the direction you are looking.    19th September 2012
Secretary of State"call in". Well the simple fact is, he refused. Perhaps he should have taken it more seriously.

The WWSP applications had to be referred to the Secretary of State, who can "call in" the applications if he wishes and order a public enquiry. The Secretary of State has 21 days to make this decision - from the date when the SOS receives the papers from Ryedale. This 21 day period expires today. However, if the SOS needs more time than the 21 days, he can issue an "Article 25 direction", to give him more time to consider the matter. It has now been established that an Article 25 direction has been issued. It is not possible to predict when the final decision will be issued, or what that decision will be. However, it is reassuring to see that the matter is being taken seriously, and is not being dismissed out of hand.

Mr Knaggs wants to cut the council from 30 members to 20. Well let's see if we can help him in his latest cutting edge idea. We need to loose 10 councilors, OK, sugestions on a post card to : RYEDALE HOUSE. The sell Wentworth Car Park crowd would do nicely and they just happen to be the most costly councilors anyway, so let's do it ......
Planning consultants GVA have lodged an appeal on behalf of the Fitzwilliam Malton Estate against the recent decision by Ryedale District Council to refuse the planning application for the redevelopment of the livestock market site in Malton. Proceedings, in which the reasons for the refusal will be challenged, will now be decided by the Planning Inspectorate. Further information will be issued when known.

Yet another poll, this time by the Malton Gazette & Herald - April 2012. More or less in line with the others before it. The vast majority against the decision and yet another staggering example of a council that once elected, does just what it want's with no regard to the people who voted them into office.
If councilors want us to treat them with respect, please show a little to us, the voters.....

Application for a new cafe in Pickering, got this response from Coun Vivienne Knaggs who said she was concerned because Pickering already had 28 eateries, adding: “The more we get the more thinly spread will be the business they do. ” Malton Gazette & Herld - 13th July 2011 - There you go just change your mind and views when it suits you.

4  were pushed....3 Jumped ( Well done Ryedale Voters) Lets get rid of the rest at the next coucil elections

The survey on this web site, reached 100 responses and the results are as follows...

Definitely Not or No -- To the sale  86         Yes - To the sale 11   Not Bothered
Well that's another resounding vote against the development. Where did Councilor, sorry Mr Keel get his impression that the development was popular, see below. Any chance of letting us know some time soon


Car Parks NOT Supermarkets. Help save the trading heritage of our town.
Download PDF

A question to Ryedale Council (Julian Rudd) Late November 2010
Below is an exchange of E-Mails between myself and Julian Rudd. I asked him to clarify the amount of car parking spaces that would be available if we were to have a developement on The Wentworth Street Car Park.. The final question, dated 20th Dec 2010, was not answered and
I have now given up all hope to get an answer. We can only guess the answer is, there are no conditions, so they, who ever ther are,  could at any time take the right away to park in their car park. That would be very very bad for Malton ????? 


Sent: 28th Nov 2010
To: Julian Rudd
Subject: Re: Wentworth Street Car Park

There are 254 car parking spaces in the Wentworth Street car park we need a simple answer to a simple question. No excuses, if and when, just the plain facts. How many spaces, after your proposed development, will be available for the general public to use as they do now, with no conditions or restrictions from the developer.

David Wakeley


Sent: 29th November 2010
To: David Wakeley
Subject: Re: Wentworth Street Car Park

Dear Mr Wakeley,

Under the proposal put forward by the selected bidder there would be around 330 spaces on what is the current lower deck and adjacent RDC owned land (currently occupied by Community House, the scouts, CAB and former Red Cross building) . In addition there will remain around 150 spaces on the existing upper deck, which is being retained by RDC. This gives a total of around 480 spaces at Wentworth Street, all of which would be free for use by anyone visiting the town centre for 3 hours, irregardless of whether they were shopping at the new stores built at Wentworth Street. Stay of longer than 3 hours would be available in 220 of the 480 spaces (150 on the Council’s retained area plus 70 of the spaces provided as part of the development), subject to an appropriate fee.
I hope the clarifies the situation.


Julian Rudd


Sent: 29 November 2010 17:17
To: Julian Rudd
Subject: Re: Wentworth Street Car Park

Hello Julian,
Not quite clear on what is meant by 'would be free for use by anyone visiting the town centre for 3 hours' do you mean free and without charge or free to use with a charge.



Sent: 29 November 2010 20:35
To: David Wakeley
Subject: Re: Wentworth Street Car Park


All 480 spaces would be free for up to 3 hours – longer stays (over 3 hours) would be possible in 220 of the 480 spaces but would be chargeable.



20th Dec 2010

The following question has been sent to Julian Rudd?  As yet there is no reply. Perhaps the answer is for the councils ears only. I will send the question again in the new year, when they get themselves back to work,  and let's hope we get an answer. 

        Just one more concern. What conditions, if any, would be placed on the 'selected bidder' to restrict any changes to the initial agreement of both the amount of car parks and the 3 hours free parking. Lets face it they could and almost certainly would simply change the arrangements. when and if it suited them.



28th Nov 2010
I have just noticed a document regarding the 
Local Development Framework (LDF)  which as one of it's aims for shops in Malton is to  "Support existing shops by attracting more people into the town".  You have to ask the question, Just where are you going to park their cars. A little joined up thinking would not go amiss I think.


18th Nov 2010
"I have asked questions day after day, and I have been given answers which tell me I must support this proposal  for the interest of the community." (Howard Keel, Gazette & Herald).......... 
What a joke!   Petitions, marches and 170 protestors at the meeting at Malton school. Just what will help this man in his delusionary little world. We must have this decision deferred  until May next year when the voters of Ryedale can have a real say at the next council elections


11th Nov 2010
What a turn out for the march against the sale of The Wentworth Street Car Park. With over two hundred people  stretching  the whole of the length of Wheelgate, marching with their banners.  The council can be in no doubt as to how the people of Ryedale view this idiotic idea. 

10th Nov 2010
If you have a moment, you might like to take a look at this dedicated site about the sale...
Save Wentworth Street Car Park 

On 29 July 2010 Ryedale District Council resolved to sell The Wentworth Street Car Park and other surrounding land and buildings for development as a supermarket. Seventeen councilors, mainly conservatives, sat on their backsides, said nothing and  voted to sell the car park that was set aside seventy years ago provide parking for you the people of Ryedale. DO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT, so please please, ring or write to your councilor and let them know what you think..... You can find who you voted for by clicking this link. Don't  be complacent, there is little time and if you don't pester them, they will do as they like. 

The purpose of this resolution is to raise money while the council sits on a relative fortune. There are no debts to repay.

It is likely that Community House (home of Ryedale Voluntary Action, CAB and Red Cross), Ryedale in Touch centre, the Malton Scout & Guide Centre, The Rifle Club and the public toilets will be closed or relocated. 

Despite promises by developers to retain or increase the total car park provision, it is likely that the Livestock Market Vehicle parking and all day parking will be lost. How will the council control the supermarket parking arrangements (and penalties for overstaying your welcome) alter sale. Developers tend to have experts who can run rings round Planning Decisions and Council Planning Departments. Control by this method is unlikely to succeed. 

What is the prospect of the rest of the town centre becoming a ghost town'? 
What about the additional traffic? How much will this development add to the already high traffic flows through Malton? 
There is some useful information in the following link, please take a moment to read them  

Wentworth Street report to Council July 2010 final report 16 07 2010, item 35. pdf icon PDF 135 KB
Fitzwilliam Estate letterpdf, item 35. pdf icon PDF 62 KB
MaltonTC letter, item 35. pdf icon PDF 114 KB
Annex A for Council 29 July 2010 - amended area for disposal - Wentworth Street Plan, item 35. pdf icon PDF 520 KB
NortononDerwentTCletter, item 35. pdf icon PDF 49 KB
If you can't read these documents, click here, to download the reader


A councillor at Ryedale Council, his name is withheld to deny him unnecessary publicity, wants to deny you the convenience of parking in the market place by getting rid of over 60 car parking spaces to create a pedestrian area. This is a loss of 10% of the total parking space in the town. See the strategy report below. Please help Malton traders by letting these loonies know what you think to this stupid  idea. Don't forget, we need more car parking places to survive, not less. If these councillors want a pedestrian area, I suggest Ryedale House car park and then we can see how they like walking in the January snow from the Wentworth street car park to council chamber, that is assuming they have not got rid of Wentworth Street C/P as well. Please, Please continue to visit our shops in Malton and the rest of our Ryedale towns, and if we can get these madcap councillors to listen, we will do what we can to make your visit as easy as possible. 
Please vote 'NO'.
Vote 'Yes' and help close another shop .....................Result : 189 against   48 for..

The vote has now finished and the result could not have been clearer. 189 against and only 48 for. You would have to be a councilor to believe there was a consensus for the development. Please let your councilor know what you think of the idea, and help Malton remain a trading town. Do not let them turn us into a rustic curio. 

A Strategy for Malton Town Centre
WSP Group and Atisreal Report for Ryedale District Council and Yorkshire Forward.

The council have been at it again. Spending your money, asking a London based company what should happen to our town. The report has been presented to Ryedale Council and Yorkshire forward and they should keep it. The observations of our little town, by the London firm, are excellent, BUT their conclusion beggars belief. Getting rid of over 40 car parking spaces in the market place will only chase off the very pedestrians needed to fill the trendy pedestrian terraces that will replace the car park spaces. That's only the start, so please download the PDF file below (sorry about the size), take the time to read it, and then let the council or this web site know what you think. I know we can't compare Malton directly with Monks Cross, but I bet they are not thinking of getting rid of one parking space.  Don't be complacent, these people are messing about with our town and if we don't act now they will ride rough shod over the lot of us.

(Download PDF) - Strategy for Malton         Email - ryedale.co.uk             Email - The Council