Lord Viscount Nelson

Admiral Lord Nelson 

The memorial gates at Duncombe Park, Helmsley. Above the arch facing the road is this inscription:

To the memory of Lord Viscount Nelson

And the unparalleled gallant achievements of the BRITISH Navy.


On the reverse of the arch is this inscription:

Lamented Hero
O price, his conquering Country grieves of pay !
O dear brought Glories of Trafalgar's Day.


Photos : With the kind permission of the Duncombe Estate.

Nelson on the quarterdeck of HMS Victory. It is 1:15pm on 21st October 1805. He was shot from the French vessel 'Redoutable'. The ball has smashed into his shoulder fractured two ribs, penetrated the left lobe of his lung, damaged the pulmonary artery before lodging in the backbone and damaging the spinal cord. He knew he was dying