When it snows on the moors and the wolds, it really snows. Over the years and within living memory, the snow has been many feet deep. The photos below were taken on the Pickering to Whitby road in February 1933 and on the wolds which are to the south of Malton. As you can see, the snow is one shovel and a half deep on the flat road. I have known the snow to be seven feet deep in the biggest drifts on both the moors and the wolds. I remember a Mini Car being buried near Burythorpe and standing on the roof of my car and not being able to see over a drift just outside Langton which is on the wolds three miles from Malton.
Near Lockton 1947
Near Newton 1947
Somewhere on the moors
Near Stape 1047

5ft deep on the Moors

Farm near Lockton 


A team of diggers north of Pickering

This Mini is near Burythorpe on the Wolds

It was abandoned at  a junction

and had to be dug out by hand to save it

Cottage at Wharram-le-Street
To the east of Langton
Farm to the east of Langton
Same as above

Thank's to George Woodhead for the use of some of these pictures

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