Visit RYEDALE and its towns and villages.    Click one of the images above is intended to promote and encourage the commercial and social activities of the Ryedale district of North Yorkshire, the 'Garden of England'. We hope this site will grow and expand over the years to let the world take a look at this area in North Yorkshire, England. Ryedale is an area situated between Scarborough to the east, York to the west and the North York Moors & the Yorkshire Wolds to the North & South. The commercial pages are fee paying but the social groups and non profit making clubs are included free of charge.

(Data - ONS) 
As you probably know, I own and work in a Massers Photo Shop in Malton and after the the relaxation of the rules on Monday 19th July, we would like thank nearly all our customers for respecting our wishes to wear a mask. Thank you very much, it makes us feel as safe a possible. People who are flippant about distance and masks are the ones to avoid as they are more likely to be infected because of their flippant attitude.

(Infection Rate Rolling 7 Day Per 100,000)
All five of our sample areas are on their way UP AGAIN, with Ryedale worst of the five areas in the sample.
Things overall are heading up so, DO NOT RELAX follow the old rules and we will see the benefits. Ryedale
have gone from ZERO rate for 14 days in May to over 500 on the 16th October. Make sure you socially distance and protect others by wearing a mask every time you enter a shop or public space without the  mask on you could be spreading Covid. You may consider yourselves 'EXEMPT' but you are not exempt from passing on the disease to others, so act responsibly and help stop covid from getting any worse. Hospital admissions are very low because of the vaccine rollout and that is very encouraging so lets hope things don't get worse after 19th July, so please still wear masks in shops and on public transport. 

The graph below shows the Covid infection rates of Ryedale and it's four surrounding areas on 16th October  2021. As you can see we all are now on the way up again, so come on, be very vigilant and be very careful. It's not against the law to not wear a mask in public but neither is doing hand stands on a cliff edge, work it out yourselves.

Ryedale - 506 Remember the old rules and use them, you know they make sence.

465 is now second from the top of this sample but is still lower than the last two lockdowns.  

Hambleton - 462 Going up again after a big drop.

The East Riding - 430 going up.

York - 366 up a bit but stll lowest of our sample. Well done York..

COME ON stick to the old pre 19th July  rules, the end is in sight. It's simple, wash your hands, wear a mask properly in public spaces, and be vigilant.

How are the numbers calculated 
These figures are as a result of adding the infections for a rolling 7 days and then multiplying by the population of the area. So with a population of Ryedale at 55,000 we then calculation the rate PER 100,000.   So that is sum of 7days divided by 55 and times 100, got it. Good.
  Click the interactive map above to view the data in detail
  In the last seven days there have been 133 new cases in Ryedale. This is not good. We are starting to get complacent. Come on be vigilant. 2 mtrs from other people and WEAR A MASK properly at all times you know it makes sense.  We see people in shops with the mask under their noses all the time, STOP IT you could kill someone....
17th Sept   Since 17th July we have had 22 new cases of Covid 19. We are a very big area with a population of about a half of Scarborough so let's use that advantage to keep the cases low. If you are  ignoring the face mask rule, please consider others and PUT IT ON and follow all the rules.  It's not just to protect you, it's to protect someone else's Granny or Grandad.  
11th Sept 2020
  As of today we have had 17 confirmed further cases in Ryedale in the last six weeks. When you see what's happening in the rest of the country. we are still doing very well. Well done and keep up the good work and stay vigilant,,  
28th July 2020 Two areas of Yorkshire declared 'coronavirus free' with an infection rate of zero. are   RYEDALE & SCARBOROUGH.

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