Rosalind Wicks

A Postcard Artist

Rosalind lives with her husband Colin, in Rillington on the A64, about four miles from Malton. She has six children which feature in many of her post cards. She along with Colin, were teachers. They lived in Fulford between 1954 & 1957, but Rosalind never taught at Fulford School, but did teach Saturday mornings at the Art School next to the Art Gallery (This was a 'children's' class. Between 1957 and 1963 there was a stay in the south, until a return to Yorkshire for Colin to take a post as the first Art Teacher at the newly opened Norton School.
Rosalind's passion for letter boxes led to their inclusion in nearly all of her post cards. Rosalind is a member of The Letter Box Study Group and visits countries all over the world in search of interesting post boxes. The most interesting box in her collection is a box rescued from Butlins Holiday Camp at Filey when the camp was demolished some years ago.
The first cards were published after submitting entries to a competition in Malton based on the 1988 'Dickens Festival. Over the years many cards have been published including the examples on this page.

You can write to Rosalind and ask for a list of cards.
Her address is : Rosalind Wicks, 11 Scarborough Road, Rillington, Malton North Yorks, YO17 8LH