Photos by Tim Lawes
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An agricultural village to the north of the Wolds close to  Norton and Malton. Take a right at the junction to Scaglethorpe, on the road from York to Scarborough, one mile to the east of Norton. This ancient village was mainly rebuilt in the early nineteenth Century.  Settrington House is the home of Sir Richard Storey, the house being built next to the ruins of the medieval manor.

Historically Settrington was a bigger  village than it is now. Owned by Lady Margaret Douglas, maternally a Tudor and half sister of King James V of Scotland, Countess of Lennox, and the mother of Lord Henry Darnley, husband of Mary Queen of Scots. Later it was owned by Queen Elizabeth I, who sent an official to Settrington to survey the village towards the end of her reign.

The modern village has a wonderful village green complete with stream and ford. Many beautiful houses and cottages surround the green. On the road that continues to Malton, the village school to which my mother in law attended as a child, is on the right.  The road to the south of the village, continues to North Grimston and the wolds. The road to the east is called Settrington High Street, which winds it's way to Lutton. Settrington is a beautiful village and well worth a visit.