Slingsby is situated 6 miles to the WNW of Malton and is on the road from Malton to Helmsley. Turn left at the cross roads and you clime the hill on the road to Castle Howard which is about 2 miles down the road. Castle Howard is of course a must to visit if you come to Ryedale. Turn right at the cross roads and you travel down the village, round the S bend and on into the main street. The village largely built from stone which is due to the influence of Castle Howard Estate. The village is quite big as villages go with back lanes which take you of the main street to the church and Castle. Slingsby is an amazing village, because unlike most modern villages, it is almost self contained. It has a pub, shop, garage and most other requirements to self sustain a village. The church, All Saints, is round the back of the main street not far from the derelict castle. The castle was built by the Mowbray family and was later inhabited by the Howard family. In 1603 the castle was partially rebuilt by Sir C Cavendish but was never finished. The property is now owned by The Earl of Carlisle.

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Fryton, Slingsby
North Yorkshire
YO62 4AT
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