Thorpe Bassett.

Thorpe Bassett is a very small village just to the south of Rillington, which is to be found on the road from Malton to Scarborough.. The road from the A64, through 'Bassett', as it is known locally, continues on up the hill to Settrington High Street. All Saints church was Norman in construction but restored in the middle of the 19th century. Most of the land is owned by the Chumley Estate (Wintringham) which is situated down the road at the other side of Rillington.
The photos below have been kindly loaned by people of the village and are being used in a project to celebrate the millennium. They are part of a superb book written and compiled by Ann Baron. The book contains a collection of facts through history - generations of stories and reminiscences with personal account, put together with photographs and sketches by Ann

'The Story of Thorpe Bassett'
By Ann Baron

On sale at : Rillington Post Office, Malton Library, Malton TIC,
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Jack - In - A - Box, Malton and the Author Tel : 01944758797

Bassett in 1890 Basssett in 1999
School children in 1890 and in 1999