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North of England 1st Section Champions - 2015
Kirkbymoorside Town Band  -  Championship Section

Kirkbymoorside, or Kirkby as it is known locally, is situated at the southern foothills of the North Yorks Moors. It is 7 miles from Pickering and 6 miles from Helmsley. Kirkby has had a band since at least 1815 and we have the minutes book from 1890 until today. The bands first contest win was the Kirkbymoorside poultry and industrial show contest of 1886. Our band room was built in 1976 on land kindly donated by James Holt who lives in Kirkby. It is a purpose built building and is used for all band activities including practices which are three or four times a week. We currently have a Senior Band, Junior Band, Learner Band, Community Band and a Beginner Band. Over 90 musicians in all. The band has always been a subscription band and rely on the generosity of the public for support. If you would like to help by donating a gift of money to the band, please ring the Band Manager and ask him where to send the money. You can also help the band by using this web site, Click the logo...
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High Sheriff of North Yorkshire
John Furness.
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Xmas Concert
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Antiques Roadshow
John Barrett today missed the Beginner/Learner/Junior Band end of term concert and picnic to instead represent the Band at the BBC's Antiques Roadshow filming day at Burton Constable Hall (site of one the the first and most inspirational Brass Band competitions). Several years back Jane Russell had donated an old Ophicleide to the band that had been passed down through the generations to her from the mid 19th century when her Great Grandfather had played in the town band and when the Ophicleide had been in use. It is understood that the instrument is the same one that appears on the oldest photo of the band taken at Rievaulx in the mid 1800's. It had for many years hung on back of the door to her dad's (and Grandad's) joinery workshop before Jane rescued it after the workshop had been demolished for new housing.

John took the instrument along with the old band photos to see what they made of it and the story that links the Ophicleide to over 200 years of community music making in the town. The BBC adviser Adam Schoon was so keen on the instrument that John was interviewed and filmed for possible use on the TV show either later in the year or in early 2017. As to the value that was placed upon the Ophicleide - well you may need to await the broadcast to find out. John thoroughly enjoyed his day out and was sad that Jane Russell had been unable to be there too. Hopefully more news will follow should the BBC decide to broadcast the recording.

April Concert - Scarborough Citadel

Another great night at the Citadel enjoyed a usual by the band and we hope the audience had a good time to. A solo from John Sails, a song from Lindsey and a duet from Ben and Phil. Frank James captivated us all on the piano and a there was a good collection for the chosen charity. Click here for a few photos

Kirkbymoorside Junior Band. 

Our Junior Band played at Steam and Moorland near Pickering. The event was to raise money for the Candlelighters who work very hard supporting families with their fight against children’s cancer. Sarah, the junior band master said "We had really good time and hope people enjoyed our playing and as much as we enjoyed being there.

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Gala Theatre - Durham

After a 3 months practice 12th March saw the Kirkby Band’s return the Championship Section to perform Philip Sparke’s Cambridge Variations at the Gala Theatre for the North of England Brass Band Championships. Whilst the test piece was challenging, it is fair to say that the Band loved it. Its lyrical narrative coupled with running semi quavers and faster sections tested every section of the band, from solo seats down.
On the day, given last year’s bus breakdown, the band arrived early to Durham, only to find a last place drawer and the competition running an hour late. However, the superb organisation of the competition meant we had a place to drop off instruments and most of the band managed to taste test a number of cake shops in the ensuing 3 hours!
On stage the band played well. Whilst nervous, the soloists did exceptionally well and the adjudicator, commentary on social media throughout by brass band pundits was really positive:
Its a safe opening. Nice sounds and generally together. Gorgeous flug tone.”
Well done baritones”
Despite the splits its a really nice slow mvt. Lots of emotion and music found by MD. Cant get over flugs sound”
Such good comments were echoed by our supporters in the audience and some pundits had us fourth. However as the adjudicator took to the stage he noted how difficult it had been to place the bands outside of the top two and unfuoturnatley, despite good remarks we ultimately came 8th.
Whilst disappointed the band and conductor (John Woodward) are immensely proud to have represented Kirkby with a home grown band, with no changes from the band who competed in the 1st Section a year earlier. The band would like to thank and congratulate John on all his work, and oddly will miss the fantastic Cambridge Varitations at our next rehearsal.

Junior & Senior Christmas Concerts
At the end of an extremely busy year of bi-centennial events the band was delighted that both it’s Learner Section Concerts and Senior Band Concert were performed to packed audiences. The first concert of the learner sections was held at All Saints Church where in the morning there had been a service of celebration of the band. At the Concert the following awards were awarded: For Attendance – Charlotte Hickman, Martha Walker and Grace Walker, Speight Cup for most improved junior – Cally Cussons, Edith Butler Award for potential – Isabel Jackson, Robin Butler Award for most improved learner –Niamh Smithson, Fran Maw award for outstanding contribution to Adrian Maxwell. Certificates for outstanding musical progress were awarded to Charlie Flintoft, Ella Smailes, Charlie Moxon, Bertie Larson and Harvey Brackley.
The following week saw the Senior Band concert (held in aid of the Memorial Hall), which was, as ever a festive delight. The concert showed again how supported the band is by the town and surrounding communities as the Bass Players stood to play a solo in hand knitted hats by Olive Simpson. Olive had knitted over 40 hats that had been sold for band funds. The basses were sporting some fantastic Father Christmas ones for the piece “When Santa Got Stuck Up a Chimney”
The band would like to extend their thanks to Olive and to all the residents of Kirkbymoorside and surrounding towns and villages for the support over Christmas. Many will have heard (and seen the band in Olives Hat’s) carolling throughout December. As was announced at the concert, this money is going towards the joint Scout / Band Hall that the Band and Scouts hope to be built in 2016.
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Stockton on Forest Concert
Saturday 14th November 2015  
Thank's to all who attended and as usual we enjoyed playing at what is by now a regular and succesfull event

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2015 National Championships
19-20 September. The Centaur, Cheltenham Racecourse.

On Friday 18th September, after months of practice, the senior band of Kirkbymoorside Town Brass band, with some very loyal supporters, started their long journey to Cheltenham and the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain. This is the second time in as many years that Kirkbymoorside have won through the Regional Stages to represent the North of England at the prestigious event that sees 17 bands from across England, Scotland and Wales competing for the coveted Champion prize. The band that made the journey aged from 14 - 60. The youngest players on the day being Conor Lalley, Mhairi Maxwell, Dan Towler and Ellie Fairweather, all of whom represented the band and Ryedale School impeccably. They, as 99% of the Kirkbymoorside players on the stage, have benefitted from Kirkbymoorside Town Brass Band's, free instrument and tuition programme. The band now has over 100 players across 5 bands, making them unique amongst their competitors on the day.
The piece, Kenneth Hesketh's Alchymist's Journal, was conceieved from a quotation from a book by the same name by Evan S Connell. "We are told that Time is a brisk wind bringing forth each hour some fresh proportion, some new shape, and as our thoughts hourly change…so it happens with Time. May not the close of a motion be also its beginning?”
Within the book Connell fictionalises a number of famous Alchemists’ writing, each one developing another’s thoughts. An idea is continued but changed subtly to provide a new view point or way of thinking, the process itself in fact alchemical, transmuting one idea into another. In The Alchymist’s Journal (Variants for Brass Band) the processes at work are similarly about retention and change. Whilst abstract with no descriptive programme, the music is dramatic and has a clear an unfolding narrative.
Whilst not without its challenges, the band thoroughly enjoyed the dramatic, contemporary music. They performed magnificently and were placed 11th. Particularly mentioned was the tuned percussionist Liam Carter and the well balanced solo between Principal Cornetist John Sails and Soprano Cornetist Sarah Woodward.
John Woodward the bands Musical Director said: “I am incredibly proud of the band. This has been such a busy year, with our bi-centenary celebrations, routine jobs and representing Kirkbymoorside at the Himmighausen Germany Millenium Celebrations, but they have never once faltered. Taking on this challenging piece and producing a fantastic performance on the day”
If you would like to see the band live their next engagement is on 16th October at the Pickering Wartime Weekend and their next concert is on 14th November at Stockton on Forest.

Kirkbymoorside Town Brass Band and Fire Brigade are honoured Guests at Himmighausen (Germany) Millenium Celebrations.
The award winning Kirkbymoorside Town Brass Band, and representatives of the Kirkbymoorside Town Retained Fire Brigade, have completed a highly successful visit to Himmighausen, Germany in this the Band’s 200th anniversary year.
The band and representatives of the fire brigade were formally invited as honoured guests to the 150th Schutzenfest (shooting festival) to celebrate Himmighausen’s Millennium, the organising committee were keen that the Kirkbymoorside Town Brass Band and Fire Brigade were included within their celebration plans. The first record of Himmighausen dates back to 1015 with a record of Himmighausen Castle in the Church Archive.
Kirkbymoorside Town Brass Band and Kirkbymoorside Fire Brigade have been involved in exchange visits with the Himmighausen Blasorchester and Feuerwehr since 1982 and this weekend’s celebrations were a true show of the lasting friendship between the two towns.
Celebrations were started by over 300 guests attending a joint concert in the local St Anthony’s Church to rapturous applause. The parade followed with bands, fire brigades and the Schutzenfest King and Queen marching, watched by 100’s of spectators.
To celebrate their millennium Himmighausen planted 88 trees in a world record time, the first of which was the Kirkbymoorside Friendship Oak Tree that was unveiled after the Schutzenfest Parade on Saturday night.
Sunday saw the District Councillor Friedhelm Spieker and Mayor of Nieheim Thomas Müther attend a festival and craft market with concert by Kirkbymoorside Town Brass Band in the local castle grounds.
"In Himmighausen there is something that is invaluable," said Spieker, "namely, a great community and neighbourhood”
Phil Woodward – Kirkbymoorside Town Brass Band Manager “In total over 90 people made the journey from Kirkby to Himmighausen, and it has been an awesome weekend. We and the firebrigade were delighted to represent the town at such a prestigious event."
Himmighausen hope to make a return trip to Kirkbymoorside in the future.

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The Ryedale Festival -  Our August Concert at Hovingham.
A good audience enjoyed the sunshine at The Worsley Arms in Hovingham at what is by now our yearly appearance at The Ryedale Festival. The festival is a well established musical event in Ryedale's year and it is always a pleasure to participate. We played a varied program from classical to pop and the audience enjoyed it all, we think.

Click here for photos taken by a friend of the band.

           The Big Meet - Durham Miners Gala 2015

"A great day was had by all at the 131st Durham Miners Gala on Saturday. After a break last year due to a band wedding we were delighted to be reunited with the Blackhall Lodge. The increase in numbers to the Gala, with an estimated 180,000 people attending, meant that we did have to cue for some time! But the wonderful weather and the camaraderie within the Band, Lodge and Crowd shone through. The extended march meant we entertained the onlookers at all opportunities with traditional pieces such as the Miners Hymn Gresford and The Red Flag and Internationalle as well as some more recent favourites such as Amarillo and Delilah. Special mention to our stalwart basses, and stand in bass drummer who had the literal weight to bear all day! As well as to Maihri and George our two youngest players who smiled throughout."     Click here a video of our trip to Durhan.

The Bi-Centenary Celebrations 
The original members of the Kirkbymoorside Band could never have probably imagined that 200 years after they met together to play, that the town would be celebrating their bi-centenary with a weekend full of music, fun, celebrations and over 100 musicians. We are so proud to be the Kirkbymoorside Town Brass Band and look forward to the band and town in 2215 reading about the fantastic bi-centenary weekend in readiness for the 400 year celebrations
Bi-Centenary Full Report & Photos


Click here for a few photos from early 2015

The Les Maw Memorial Concert
A full house to remember Les, Alan and Evelyn. The concert was sold out weeks before as expected. The respect for these three Kirkby Band stalwarts was very high indeed. The soloists, all taught by Les, played well and the audience showed there appreciation. A poem was written about Les by Ron Johnson and Hannah Woodward read it to the delighted crowd. Click here to read the poem.We were very pleased that so many of the Maw family could attend and we feel sure they enjoyed listening as much as we all en
joyed playing.

The Scarborough Concert Scarborough Salvation Army Citadel
A packed house on a fine night led to a wonderful concert at Scarborough Citadel. It is always a pleasure to play music by Salvation Army composers and arrangers and with solos from John Sails, Sarah and Hannah Woodward  we played some of the finest music we have the pleasure to play, The audience enjoyed the event and we were helped as usual by Frank James and John Mitchell. This year we were joined by the 'Mini Manhattan Voices' a new girl choir from Scarborough, they were fantastic, well done. See you all again next year.

Two You Tube videos filmed at this concert- Click Here

Saturday 14th March 2015    Gala Theatre - Durham

1. Kirkbymoorside Town (John Woodward)*
2. Westoe (H. Thomas)*
3. Cockerton Prize Silver (Michael Hardman)
4. Ripon City Band (Malcolm Dibb)
5. GT Group Peterlee (Nick Hall)
6. Ashington Colliery Band (D Kendall)
Winning Conductor: Kirkbymoorside Town (John Woodward)
Trombones:     Kirkbymoorside Town
Best Basses:          Kirkbymoorside Town
Best Percussion:     Kirkbymoorside Town
An early start from Kirkbymoorside saw us in a good mood after being tipped to win by 4barsrest. After passing through Thirsk, the driver of the bus started to fiddle with the controls, shortly followed by a trip into a layby on the A19. A hose on the bus had come adrift and the coach was overheating and going no further. Phil and the driver organised a replacement bus from Malton followed by frantic phone calls to sort out what we would do if we were late in Durham. We eventually got the draw from Robin, and it looked good for us with a draw of fourth. In the mean time Ripon City offered to swap with us should we be late. This was very much appreciated and thanks to them for the offer. We arrived with comfortably enough time and settled down to play in our draw position of fourth. We played well but not to our best, but it was enough to do the job. Yes a clean sweep with all the five prizes.
We all met in the 'John Duck Ale House' across the road to check out the local beer, not bad for a none Yorkshire pub. The staff and a handful of locals were startled when John Sails decided to try out the rather splendid  'Geneva Cornet' we won as the winning band. Ilkley Moor sung by us all at fortissimo, was tolerated by the regulars who were trying to watch a rugby match on TV. Thanks for putting up with us. More singing on the bus home when 'Sunshine Mountain' was climbed successfully, yet again. The Championship Section beckons again next year with an even bigger mountain to clime.
So it's off to Cheltenham later this year to represent the North of England at the National Finals for the second consecutive year this time as 'The North of England 1st Section Champions' . Congratulations to Westoe who will join us in Cheltenham. Thanks again to Ripon City.  

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