Fracking is back on the agenda and if the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg are to be believed once again this wonderful area of the North of England is under the biggest threat that we have ever experienced so we must join together to stop Shale Gas Extraction or FRACKING ever happening here or anywhere in the country. If you are not worried about FRACKING, You should be. The residents in Ryedale who are against fracking, are we are not tree huggers or nimbys we are very much concerned about the future  of our wonderful part of the UK and we are worried for the future for our children and grandchildren. We all have our views on the subject but one thing is for certain, and that is if the Pro Frackers have got it right, we all will be very happy, but if the Anti Frackers are right, we will all be very very unhappy.

Government Petition - August 2022

The government have just commissioned a petition  to end the ban on Fracking. Well I bet they wish they hadn't bothered. Only 18,820 out of 67,000,000 adults in the UK responded for an end to the ban. In Ryedale only an astonishing 52 out of 102,505 residents vote yes.

Well if that isn't conclusive, I don't know what is.


2016 Great news! Ryedale District Council passed a motion calling for a 5 year moratorium on fracking. Fantastic work by Liberal Clr. John Clark and Ryedale GP Clr. Tim Thornton. Thank you to the majority who voted in favour. The message is clear; Ryedale rejects fracking. (Eddy Thornton - Facebook)
Take a look at my exchange of E-Mails with Kevin Hollinrake to see what the problem is - Click here

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Please visit Professor David Smythe's web site if you are still unsure - Click Here
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Frack Off. We believe that fracking is both dangerous and unnecessary. Click Here

One women angered a lot of people in Ryedale with her astonishingly biased opinions on Fracking..
Lorraine Allanson, pro fracker and B&B Owner.

Well what a shock. The anti fracking lobby have got it all wrong. We have all been taking to much notice of all the academics and experts in the field of shale gas extraction when we should have been listening to a 'holiday complex' owner who makes a living out of the gas companies themselves.
Come on Lorraine give us anti frackers some respect. A lot of us are bushiness people who can see past the quick buck philosophy that so attracts you. We want our region to flourish well into the future, for our grandchildren and great grandchildren. A
David Wakeley



Hundreds and hundreds of protestors brought Malton to a halt on Saturday to protest against fracking in the area. People from all walks of life and interests showed their support for the fight against this brutal assault our beautiful part of the country. If any councilor is still in any doubt about the issue, think hard and true because you might not be here after this term to put make good your mistakes. CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS


This could be the view south from Caulkleys Bank

We have a local Web Site with many more videos - Click Here