Fracking is the biggest threat to Ryedale that we have ever experienced so '' makes no apologies for dedicating this page to the debate on Shale Gas Extraction or FRACKING. If you are not worried about FRACKING in Ryedale? You should be. The residents in Ryedale who are against fracking, are not tree huggers or nimbys we are very much concerned about the future  of our wonderful part of the UK and we are worried for the future for our children and grandchildren. We all have our views on the subject but one thing is for certain, and that is if the Pro Frackers have got it right, we all will be very happy, but if the Anti Frackers are right, we will all be very unhappy. The pro frackers are a small minority and we need to make this very clear, so please complete our survey, click the link below to register your vote.

Immediate moratorium on fracking in England because of tremor risk Click Here

Scottish government bans fracking after public opposition.......Well done.

If you are still not worried about FRACKING, read this Click Here

Here's what the Conservative's pledge regarding fracking
Don't read this if you like to sleep at night.



More on Fracking  Click Here   Click Here to Vote  Click Here   Please e-mail our MP, Kevin Holinrake and let him know what you think - Click here  KEVIN HOLINRAKE

Great news! Ryedale District Council passed a motion calling for a 5 year moratorium on fracking. Fantastic work by Liberal Clr. John Clark and Ryedale GP Clr. Tim Thornton. Thank you to the majority who voted in favour. The message is clear; Ryedale rejects fracking. (Eddy Thornton - Facebook)

These are the seven N/Y Planning Committee members who voted to frack. Shame on you, you will learn to regret your stupidity. Thank's to Eddie Thornton for the original version of the photo below. I could not resist the addition.


Fracking is coming to Ryedale. If you are not worried by this development, then you really should be. It's happened in the US, and Australia and it will be Ryedale next. Please, if you have the time, watch the video below and let your local councilor and MP know what you think. DO NOT DELAY...........

How is this for corporate hypocrisy? Click Here  You could not make it up

Take a look at my exchange of E-Mails with Kevin Hollinrake to see what the problem is - Click here

Lorraine Allanson, pro fracker and B&B Owner

Well what a shock. The anti fracking lobby have got it all wrong. We have all been taking to much notice of all the academics and experts in the field of shale gas extraction when we should have been listening to a 'holiday complex' owner who makes a living out of the gas companies themselves.
Come on Lorraine give us anti frackers some respect. A lot of us are bushiness people who can see past the quick buck philosophy that so attracts you. We want our region to flourish well into the future, for our grandchildren and great grandchildren. A
David Wakeley


Fracking: Yorkshire   Fracking - next stop Yorkshire? Watch this, then sign the petition:

Please visit Professor David Smythe's web site if you are still unsure - Click Here
Tim Thornton's excellent Web Site about the science concerns about fracking Click Here
We have a local Web Site with many more videos. -Click Here
Unpacking Frackind - The Milton Rooms - RDC. - Click Here
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Permit issued by the Environment Agency to Third Energy for Ebberston South Well Site and the reinjection of water, and who knows what else, into the Sherwood Sandstone Formation.   Click HERE for Introduction Notes and HERE for the full document. Read these if you have time and ask yourself what the chances are of Third Energy fulfilling these requirements


Hundreds and hundreds of protestors brought Malton to a halt on Saturday to protest against fracking in the area. People from all walks of life and interests showed their support for the fight against this brutal assault our beautiful part of the country. If any councilor is still in any doubt about the issue, think hard and true because you might not be here after this term to put make good your mistakes. CLICK HERE FOR MORE PHOTOS


17th Feb 2015 : Milton Rooms Malton
The full council meeting at the Milton Rooms on the 17th of Feb was very disappointing. The vote for a 'blanket ban on fracking' was voted out by the Conservatives because of the advice from the councils solicitor. Claiming they may be against fracking but could not vote that way because they could be penalised, beggars belief. Playing party politics at local level is a disgrace and they should be ashamed of themselves. At the next council elections you know what to do, if the person on the doorstep won't represent you, and your views on fracking, then find one that will.

A thought for the conservative group at Ryedale: 'Residents against fracking' think shale gas extraction could cause big problems in Ryedale, you obviously do not. I REALY HOPE YOU ARE RIGHT, BUT I BET YOU DON'T HOPE WE ARE? David Wakeley

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This could be the view south from Caulkleys Bank

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